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Exhibit Design

During the design phase of any project the most important skill Altemus Exhibits will use is that of a good listener. By taking the time to fully understand the interpretive plan we are able to develop the content, the overall look and feel and the style that best fits your exhibits.

Image: Yosemite Valley Visitor Center "Glacial Ice"                   Design: Leslie Stone, Fabrication: Altemus Exhibits

25. YVVC Glacial ice copy.jpg

Architectural Models

We have found that the best way to develop an exhibit in the Final Design phase is to create a scale model. This is the opportunity to best understand how various exhibit elements interface and fit into the gallery.

Image: USF&W Crane Display for Modoc Wildlife Preserve      Design: Weldon Exhibits Fabrication: Altemus Exhibits 


Altemus Exhibits is ready to create exhibits limited only by your imagination.

We are accomplished in all procedures and materials used to fabricate museum elements. From the reader rail to the cloudy bubble snail Altemus Exhibits employs the highest museum standards to replicate geological features, animal and plant models as well as the cabinetry, graphics and lighting needed to best display them.

Image: "John Muir Journey"  Giant Sequoia tree. Design: OMCA

Fabrication: Group Delphi with Jon Altemus

tree copy.JPG.jpg
Stockton 1.jpg

Project Management

Project Management is like a series of delicate maneuvers with what NASA calls “single points of failure”. But with open communication and attention to details those maneuvers will be skillfully carried out on time and on budget.

Image: Stockton Children's Museum "Destination Space" Design and Fabrication Weldon Exhibits with Jon Altemus

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