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Past Exhibit History


  • East Bay Regional Parks, Shadow Cliffs Trailside Interpretive Center. Altemus Exhibits created animal and bird models

  • City of Alameda, AE was commissioned to create scale models of the Historic Neptune Beach roller coasters.

  • Bolsa Chica Conservancy Visitor Center, Altemus created 5x enlarged animal models representing the mud flat ecosystem. Including Fiddler Crab, California Brown Sea hare, Western Sandpiper and Cloudy Bubble Snails. The models are highly realistic and deliver the perfect photo opportunity for the visitors at this intimate and educational center.

  • USF&W Modoc Crane Exhibit, Altemus Exhibits fabricated a model Sandhill Crane, on a nest with egg and hatched chick. In addition to modeled rushes, water surface and muddy bank. Altima’s exhibits also fabricated graphic rails and kiosk.

  • Stockton Children’s Museum, Altemus managed the final design, fabrication and installation of a replica of the International Space Station, titled “Destination Space”. Including engaging hands on interactives relating to living and working in space.

  • Del Valle Visitor Center, Managed the fabrication and installation of exhibits for the East Bay Regional Parks. Including a life sized Valley Oak tree with sculpted animal and bird species. And a water management interactive.

  • Black Diamond Mine, Altemus managed the fabrication and installation of a replica of an 18th century coal mine in the east bay hills for the EBRPD. Including mannequins and artifacts.

  • New Climbing Exhibit, Altemus created the granite rock face and installed climbing artifacts for the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center.

  • Culinary Institute of America, Designed and installed over 1,000 artifacts for the Chuck Williams Culinary Museum.

  • The Guam Museum & Educational Facility. Created exhibits that reflect the diversity, creativity, and resilience of the Guam and the Mariana Islands people.  

  • The Randall Museum, San Francisco, CA
    Designed and created new exhibits for the Randall Museum including naturalistic live animal enclosures.

  • California Academy of Sciences, “The Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed” Coral elements and graphic installations.


  • The Perot Family Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas TX.
    Constructed dioramas depicting prehistoric and present-day Texas including 100 scientific models of Earth’s biological diversity from deep sea organisms to alpine flora and fauna.

  • Oakland Museum of California John Muir Exhibit, Oakland, CA
    Fabricated immersive exhibits that replicate a Giant Sequoia, glacial ice and granite theatre in the Grand Gallery at the Oakland Museum.  

  • San Bernardino County Museum Pleistocene Hall, San Bernardino, CA
    In collaboration with Paleontologists and Geologists, created 1,500 square foot immersive environment describing the geological forces that altered the Inland Empire from 2,588,000 to 12,000 years ago.

  • Three Nature Centers working with the Acorn Group. 1. Edgewood Nature Center San Mateo County. We created a diorama representing the serpentine prairie flora and fauna

enlarged x50. 2. , creating dioramas depicting the wetland environments of Southern California. 3. fabricating dioramas depicting the various environments of the Placerita Canyon.


  • Director of exhibits and special projects for the Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

As is a trend in museums, the Aquarium decided to bring in a designer/manager to direct the existing team of educators, scientists and husbandry staff in developing new exhibits in house. Altemus designed exhibit to showcase various species of sea and land animals. Altemus employed my skills as a team leader to focus various departments on a common goal, to educate visitors about wildlife and how they may be affected by climate change and habitat loss.

  • Fabrication and installation of large exhibit elements for the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center in Yosemite Valley.  Altemus and team created a life size section of a Giant Sequoia, a glacial erratic, a section of glacial ice and stream bed.

  • The Murals of Diego Rivera. Responsible for the scheduling, crating, shipping and installation of freestanding graphic panels and interactive kiosk for San Francisco City College

  • Altemus directed the team developing the new exhibits for the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek CA.

1995- 2003

  • Hong Kong Museum of History.

Project Manager for the fabrication and installation of 10,000 square feet of exhibitry. Including several dioramas depicting a south Chinese climax forest, a prehistoric depiction of

the first settlers of the Hong Kong Peninsula and an ancient farming and

fishing village.

  • Altemus completed three-year assignment with the North Carolina State Museum of Natural

History in Raleigh North Carolina. I was the project manager overseeing the fabrication and installation of 70,000 square feet of exhibitry. Over 25 dioramas depicting

all aspects of North Carolina Natural History, prehistoric to present day.

Many of these dioramas incorporated live animal enclosures that demanded

great amounts of coordination between animal husbandry staff, curators and

  • Altemus oversaw the production of supporting plant sculptures and the final

installation of taxidermy and sculptures for the Behring Family Hall of

Mammals at the

  • Altemus managed the installation of 2,000 square feet of exhibits for the Newark Museum Dynamic Earth gallery.

  • Altemus managed the installation of 5,000 square feet of exhibits for the Burke Museum in Seattle these exhibits required the handling of many precious artifacts.

  • Directed the fabrication and later the installation of ground rolls and rocks for dioramas in various museums including, the Taiwan Museum of Natural History, Museo Papalote in Mexico City Mexico and Aquarium in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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